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Quail Run Vineyards is situated in the heart of El Dorado County in the Sierra Nevada Foothills and is part of the Fair Play AVA.  The Fair Play AVA is one of the fastest growing wine regions in Northern California.  The altitude, climate and unique granite soil conditions that make this area perfect for growing Mediterranean and Southern European grape varieties such as Rhone and Bordeaux.  

Our Soil

Quail Run Vineyards soil is native Holland Series 3 Granitic soil, or coarse sandy loam with slopes of 9 to 15 percent.  Soil depth averages 60-70 inches to weathered bedrock, with about 2 feet of coarse sandy loam, followed by 2 feet of sandy clay loam and then sandy loam to bedrock.  This well drained soil has moderate available water capacity.

Quality farming starts with quality soil.  Protecting the unique soil characteristics of our land through a series of sustainable activities provides for a well-balanced soil in which to grow excellent quality French varieties grapes for high quality wines.

Our Elevation and Climate

Lucky enough to have great soil, we are doubly blessed with a climate well suited to high quality grape development.   Our elevation of 2200 feet allows for hot summer days which generally lead to cooler evening temperatures with gentle breezes to encouraging the best characteristics of the grapes to express themselves. 

Our Acreage

Our vineyards are situated on a total of 5.5 acres of our total 20.5 acre parcel.  We have room for more grape vines to be planted in the future.  Interested in having us plant something special for you?  Give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities!
Quail Run Vineyards
Somerset, California
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