''We Do Not Inherit the Earth from our Ancestors:
We Borrow It from our Children”

The Quail Run Barn
The Quail Run Vineyard Story
While on a trip through the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains a number of years ago, we stopped in the Placerville area to visit a few vineyards along the way.  We instantly knew that this would be a lovely place to put down roots… literally and figuratively.  After much research and many trips to the area, we found a beautiful property suitable for our home and vineyard farm.   

When deciding on our farming design and practices, before putting the first shovel in the ground, we asked ourselves what would be the best way(s), to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint as we created our vineyards and home?   Solar?…obviously, Wind, Geothermal?  

The answer for us was a combination of solar and geothermal energy that would allow us to run our home, vineyards in the most efficient and therefore energy sustainable manner. Knowing we have clean energy to sustainably run our entire farm, thus helping to protect the earth and to pay it forward to the generations to come is important.
Clean energy conservation and sustainability is but one part in Quail Run Vineyards holistic approach to farming.  Sustainability informs all aspects of our commitment to our vines and our farm, and thus future generations.  Founded in the Lodi Rules Standards is our roadmap and commitment to growing wine sustainably.  It’s the right thing to do.   
Quail Run Vineyards
Somerset, California
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